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New Single with Video – Return of the Golden Axe.

The earth is under attack from astroids coming from the galaxy. The earth is getting destroyed. Cities are under fire, flooding, tornados and all out havoc plague our planet. Only one “Axe” can save the day.  THE RETURN OF THE GOLDEN AXE played by Arnie Miot and Golden Axe Attack bring back the music to the people!

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Here is our debut video “Sinkhole”. We hope you like!!!

Golden Axe Attack Press Release


September 16, 2013



New York, NY

The band, Golden Axe Attack, is pleased to announce the release of their first single entitled Sinkhole from their upcoming debut album “March of the Angels”.  If you have not heard of Golden Axe Attack, you soon will.  They have been wowing audiences for the past year in the New York area.

Golden Axe Attack is a three-piece rock band with music that can be described as progressive and innovative guitar driven instrumental rock.  The music is seriously powerful, yet cerebral.  Drawing from varied influences, the result is a powerful amalgamation of rock, heavy metal, eastern music and blues.

The band is led by Arnie Miot on guitar.  His virtuoustic guitar playing is on a level that few other guitar players will ever attain.  His sound is instantly recognizable for it’s unique voice, gut wrenching phrases and stunning chops.

Arnie is joined by music impressio Doug Grama on bass guitar.  Doug’s bass playing creates a harmonic interplay that introduces a progressive new sound that will be setting new trends for years to come.

Drummer, David Weintraub completes the power trio.  “David is perfect for this band” Arnie says, “his articulate and propulsive drumming adds to the outstanding muscular and well-oiled machine that is Golden Axe Attack”.  David, similar to his band mates, is also well known in the New York music scene.

When emotions run deep and words alone cannot express feelings, music must speak to you universally in it’s very own essence.  Golden Axe Attack captures the unique way of communicating their music to the audience.





Arnie Miot plays the Golden Axe


In the Studio Tonight

Atlantic Beach NY:  Golden Axe Attack (GAA)  is currently mixing their debut album at a non disclosed recording studio in New York City with engineer Mike Rogers.  Fans were  camping out in front of their other studio to just catch a glimpse of the boys.  Fights and pillaging were just creating an unworkable situation so they had to move to secret location..

The album tentatively “Existence” is set for a Fall 2013 release.  GAA recently leaked one their tracks Glamour Grama Shuffle” to rave reviews by fans and critics.  Guitarist and lead  composer of the band Arnie Miot has been working meticulously with Mike “Tweeken”Rogers crafting and developing a sound to his intense compositions.  We create music that will last a lifetime!

Now for a little history on how GAA got to know engineer Mike Rogers.  Bass player Doug Grama was the owner of D&D Studios.  D&D was a 3 room 24-track studio that operated in New York City on West 37th Street from 1983 to 2002.  At D&D Doug headed the engineer staff and Mike was the first assistant engineer to work at D&D.  For those of you who know about D&D, history and legends were created at this studio.  Jay-Z and DJ Premier are just the tip of the iceberg.  Mike’s first big break came when an unknown group called Deee Lite recorded their debut album with their hit single ” Groove Is In The Heart”.  From that point his career took off and never looked back..  I am thrilled to be in Mikes life again after many years of not seeing each other Doug Grama says.  His natural ability and passion for music makes him a pleasure to work with…

Look for their first single release September with an October album release.  For the latest Golden Axe Attack news, click the Follow button on the blog home page or go to our Facebook page by clicking here.

Arnie Miot & Mike Rogers in the studio mixing Golden Axe Attack debut album.

Arnie Miot & Mike Rogers in the studio mixing Golden Axe Attack debut album.


Golden Axe Attack

Golden Axe Attack